What is Lymphatic Massage Pt 1

Lymphatic Drainage Massage with Gemelle Lymphatic Massage Body Oils

Our lymphatic system is quite remarkable. When we encounter bad bacteria, toxins and viruses, the lymphatic system in our bodies acts like a drainage system by removing harmful matter from the blood and disposing of it. To support our lymphatic system so it functions optimally, we need regular exercise, drink lots of water, and have good digestion. We can further increase lymphatic flow with specialized lymphatic drainage massage.


Lymphatic drainage dates back to the 1930s when it was developed by certain Danish doctors to treat immune disorders such as sinusitis and chronic colds. Since then is has mostly been performed on those who have undergone surgery due to the swelling and buildup of fluids that most surgeries cause. This swelling is the result of the body’s response to inflammation. Stress, working out too intensely, autoimmune disorders as well as certain foods can also result in the body responding with inflammation. Inflammation of some kind happens to everyone. Lymphatic massage is one of the best methods to treat our bodies when it gets inflamed.


There are many different techniques for performing lymphatic drainage massages. From lightly touching the skin using a pinching technique, to using a kneading technique done by hand, or by using a machine that feels like an intense suction cup across areas such as your bottom, thighs, stomach and waist.


Rebecca Faria (@detoxbyrebecca), a Los Angeles-based Lymphatic massage specialist, is one of the most respected, trusted and knowledgable specialists in this field. Her view is that lymphatic drainage massage helps improve her clients’ bodies and ultimately, their overall quality of life.


Here are a few insights from Rebecca: 


Q: What is lymphatic massage?


Lymphatic massage is a technique for stimulating the lymphatic system, which is a complex network of vessels responsible for moving fluids around the body to function optimally. This, in turn, enables the body to eliminate excess fluids and toxins, as well as decrease swelling.


Q: Why do we need to drain our lymphatic system?


The lymphatic system acts as a type of hazardous waste disposal because it transports products out of the body. Ideally, our lymphatic system would function optimally without the need to drain. But, depending on our lifestyle, it can get overloaded and require some help to get back to optimal functioning. By keeping it drained you enable your body to eliminate unhealthy toxins.


Q: What is the effect of a lymphatic massage on the body?


The primary purpose of lymphatic massage is to accelerate the movement of lymph to lymph nodes. Lymph is a fluid made up almost entirely of waste and toxins from the body and is mostly colorless. 

The lymphatic massage directs the lymph from the lymph nodes to the capillaries, where it is then eliminated.

By accelerating the removal of accumulated liquid between cells, this technique also promotes cellular regeneration, boosts the immune system, and increases metabolism. 


Q: What happens when you don’t take care of your lymphatic system?


The first thing you will notice if your lymphatic system is not working properly, is that you will have a fluid buildup in your body, with swelling, which can be visible in your legs.

If the fluid doesn’t go away over time, you may even see changes in the color of the skin in that area. This is considered a high level of inflammation and can prevent basic bodily movement.

If that happens, your lymphatic system is unable to nourish the tissues and support your immune system. This will cause your body to accumulate bacteria and pathogens which can seriously affect your health.

Take note that the best way to take care of your lymphatic system is with healthy lifestyle habits such as exercise.


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