We are a self-care company that supports healthy living and holistic well-being. We launched our inaugural Skincare for Self-Care collection to foster healthy habits, wellness, and add a touch of beauty to everyday living.

Our organic botanical face and body oils are crafted in the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa, one of the most beautiful and rare natural botanical places on earth. We are committed to the highest quality ingredients and products to deliver the best results for our clients.

Cape Floral Kingdom

The Cape Floral Kingdom is home to the highest concentration of plant species on the planet, with three times as many plant varieties as the Amazon rain forest. The Cape Floristic Region is an area of extraordinary biodiversity. An incredible 70% of its 9,600 plant species are endemic and grow nowhere else on earth.


South Africa is considered one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world with its multiple ecosystems. The Cape Floral Kingdom is exceptionally rich and diverse. Situated at the southern tip of Africa, this World Heritage Site is world-renowned for its botanical vegetation.


For hundreds of years, the African people have relied on nature and botanicals for their miraculous benefits and their significant medicinal properties. Baobab in particular contains anti-oxidants and high concentrations of Vitamin A, D3, F, K and E which stimulate collagen formation and help renew cell membranes and soften skin.

Potent Botanicals

We have carefully chosen highly prized, nutrient-dense, organic ingredients known for their benefits to skin, body and health. Honeybush, Green Rooibos, Kalahari Melon, Baobab, Cape Chamomile and African Immortelle Helichrysum to name a few.