OUR Story

Our journey began while living in a cottage on the ocean in Cape Town, South Africa, exploring local oils derived from the native botanicals of the Cape Floral Kingdom. The results were immediate and profound. From reduced signs of aging to pain relief and reduced inflammation to the miraculous benefits of bio-oxytocin release, we were enraptured.

But what really captured us was the improvement in quality of life, connection, and overall well-being. And ultimately... our understanding of the importance of the lymphatic system and detoxification routines each day. There wasn’t anything like our products on the market for lymphatic health and beauty, so we set out not just to fill a gap, but to create the best products in the world for it.

From concept

To Changing Lives

Today, each of our award-winning lymphatic oils is meticulously crafted on a farm in the Cape Floral Kingdom, in small batches, from scratch, with natural ingredients used for centuries by the African people for their medicinal and healing properties. We believe strongly in nature's ability to restore our health and well-being. We do not outsource like many in the beauty industry, but rather control every aspect of the process. We believe in, and respect, craftsmanship, quality, results and heritage. And that is what we wanted to capture in our line of lymphatic face and body oils.

Pictured: Our initial concept oils on the cottage fireplace mantle.

Health & Wellness

Our bestselling breast massage oil was first introduced to us by our formulator, which he created for his wife's health using native botanical ingredients. When we heard this story, and the positive results, we were overcome with emotion. And thus began our dedication to bringing health and wellness into the beauty industry. Since that time, we have launched several new products, each with its own purpose, to improve lives and facilitate better health, natural beauty and quality of life. We are on a mission to have a million women embrace daily lymphatic detox routines to improve their health, beauty & wellness - all natural, all healthy.

The Science of Nature

Bridging the gap between health & beauty requires innovation and purpose. Our approach to innovation lies in our respect for nature and making healthy beauty routines simple and wonderful. We design each product from inception, backed by the science of nature, and enriched with natural therapeutic ingredients known for their healing properties. Our formulations often feature botanical extracts, vitamins, and minerals carefully selected for their ability to address inflammation, aging and medical conditions. By harnessing the power of nature's remedies, we create gentle yet effective alternatives that align with the body's natural processes to restore balance, vitality and radiance.

Our Values

From humble beginnings to international expansion and awards recognition quickly thereafter, our values remain the same. Put people first, prioritize health, honor quality and craftsmanship, and add a touch of beauty to every person's life. We are minimalists at heart who strive to deliver exceedingly high quality, and bring joy, through uncomplicated solutions. We are advocates for health and wellness, and we support the many people and professionals practicing this today. We are rapidly expanding, eternally grateful, and constantly exploring natural Age Well solutions for beauty and health wellness.


Q&A With The Founders

Health is very personal to us. Skin is our largest organ. What we put on our skin every day is one of the most important health decisions we make without being "aware". For us, clean beauty is necessary but not sufficient. We can go further and improve quality of life. We think of results for beauty, health and wellness simultaneously, and then design for it with exquisite botanical ingredients.

Daily lymphatic self-care is one of the most important things we can do to manage of our overall health and radiance. The impact can be immediate, from removing toxins to improving the immune system to healthier skin and adding a natural glow. We always say "take care of the lymph system that takes care of you." We want to make daily lymphatic self-care beautiful and inviting for a healthier and happier life.

It isn't one aspect, but rather the combination of many qualities that are unique and hard to replicate. Our indigenous, native, Cape Floral Kingdom botanical ingredients, the combination of those ingredients, the location, the craftsmanship, the purpose, the formulas, the process, and of course our signature botanical aromas. They all work together in harmony to produce beautiful results for health, skin, body and mind.

I was raised in South Africa and I was blessed by its natural beauty every day. I have since lived around the world and have met many wonderful people and experienced many beautiful cultures. But there is something raw and majestic about nature in the Cape, and that has remained with me to this day. We wanted to honor that, to help people, and bring that natural beauty and joy to others around the world.

Without a doubt it is interacting with our community. Our provider network is filled with incredible people tirelessly committed to helping others. And hearing the stories directly from our customers, and how grateful they are to have found GEMELLE, and how we have changed their lives. More than once it has brought us to tears. For us, we feel it is the other way around. We are the one's who are grateful to have this opportunity to play this role in someone's life.