Professional use cases

Our premium specialty oils are used by professionals for the highest level of care. Each oil is designed with purpose to improve health, beauty and quality of life.

GEMELLE Lymphatic Massage Therapy for lymphatic health and beauty and done by either professional massage therapists or as a self-massage for self-care.

Massage Therapy

We offer a full range of specialty products for lymphatic massage therapy. Our natural lymphatic oils are packed with nutrient-dense botanical ingredients designed to address inflammation and support cell and tissue health in the face, breast and body so you can offer only the best treatments for clients.


Facial Care

Our Lymphatic Anti-Aging and Lymphatic Gua Sha facial oils are packed with Vitamin C, E & A and nutrient-dense botanical ingredients to support cell and tissue health - and regeneration. The combination of our oils with lymphatic facial massage forms a powerful anti-aging combination for healthy skin and a natural, lasting youthfulness.

GEMELLE Facial Massage Oils, both the anti-aging as well as the Gua Sha Face Oils, are perfect for facial skin health, lymphatic flow and can be used by either professional massage therapists performing face massages or as a self-massage or self-care ritual.
Medical Conditions &


Our products are used by professionals in multiple modalities and a variety of treatments including lymphatic massage, body sculpting, decongestive therapy, therapeutic massage, sports therapy, prenatal care, post-op surgery recovery and more!

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